Music producer specializing in sound design and basslines, proficient in Ableton Live. Experienced in beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

Sound Design | Basslines | Ableton Live

In this three-part sound design tutorial, Pyramind instructor Shawn Mercado aka M3RC goes over how he makes his electro house basslines in Ableton Live using Native Instrument’s Massive.

In part 1, M3RC designs the bass in Massive, walking us through the effects he chooses and the modulation he applies.

In part 2, M3RC creates an instrument rack and uses Ableton stock devices to further manipulate his bassline. He uses an EQ Eight, an Overdrive distortion unit, and some classic Reverb. He maps various parameters to the macros on his instrument rack, to increase his control over the sound.

In part 3, M3RC converts the MIDI track into audio so that he can resample it. He freezes and flattens the track, and rearranges the audio print of the bassline to create an entirely new groove.

This is a must-watch for anyone looking for a way to improve their sound design workflow.

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