Sol Potion by Solsage

Sol Potion EP single with Remixes by Imaginate & PFuzz- Out Now on Pyramind Records

After a long hiatus, our label is back, freshly renamed Pyramind Records (formerly Epiphyte Records) and with a brand new Bandcamp label presence and our first release after the re-launch.

Introducing Sol Potion by Solsage featuring Alexis Harris on violin with remixes by Pyramind alumni Imaginate and Pfuzz.

Gregory J. Gordon, AKA Solsage, invites the listener on a mystical journey filled with ethnic instrumentation and infused with pulsing synth bass lines and psychedelic overtones.

The female and male vocal are an invocation to seek the elixir of happiness that can only be found within. Sol Potion speaks to both the dark and the light in each of us with the invocation chanting “Be here now, dive deep into your ocean, be in the moment, swim in the emotion, rise to the power, Drink me like a sweet Sol Potion.”

Sol Potion Violinist Alexis Harris, and her alter ego production persona, PFuzz, has a musical style that melds her passion for electronic music with her classical violin training. Her Sol Potion remix creates a downtempo chill-vibe, layered with lush sound design, glitchy effects, and atmospheric soundscapes. Her remix is filled with exciting ear candy, a groovy ethereal vibe, and the incorporation of glitched-out acoustic violin sounds.

Danny Dignin aka Imaginate, takes us down the darker and distorted depths of our beings with his remix of Solsage’s “Sol Potion” by creating a mixture concocted of evocative atmospheres and melodies in contrast with gritty and sobering bass lines.

Underneath the production is a veiled vocal carefully and purposeful whispering, “drink me” as an invitation into the illusory world.

Find more releases from Pyramind Records here and find this release on all major services HERE.

Interview with Imaginate

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