Smasheltooth: Being True to Yourself & Your Art, Making the Jump From DJ to Artist, Working Hard For Your Disrespect

This podcast episode was live-streamed to the PyramindSF.TV Twitch channel and followed by a Pyramind Live EP pre release event at Pyramind’s DJ/Performance studio in SF.

Greg interviews Smasheltooth, a West Coast Dj, artist, and producer whose new album Smashel of Liberty comes out spring of 2023 on Mal Label Music. Smasheltooth, or “Smash” for short, gives us a look into how her life experiences and musical influences shaped her DJ career and her first full-length album, which includes both unreleased music from nearly a decade ago, and new songs from the past few years including collaborations with Rappin’ Forte and other notable artists. 

Her career has taken her from working in live sound and film in LA to being a touring DJ and performer, and now working in Tech in Portland. All the while, Smash has unapologetically brought her love for Hip-Hop, Hyphy, Punk, Dance Hall, and especially Mac Dre to the Bass and Dance music scene. After this episode was recorded, Smash headlined Pyramind live, a VIP live audience & streamed event, playing her first-ever set of all original music, with support from fellow female DJ, Source Zero.

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