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Sinukus: From Live 365 Internet Radio to Avid Pro Tools architect, The Ambient Mafia, The Unison Collective and beyond!

Stephen Wilson, AKA Sinukus, has a long and storied Bay Area music industry history. This discussion starts with an introduction to The Ambient Mafia DJ collective, their compilation releases, and their move to streaming during the pandemic. Greg & Stephen discuss the use of different technology platforms to “stage-manage” all the DJs involved and their ability to seamlessly move from one set to the next all while re-streaming to multiple platforms. The conversation then moves to Stephen’s background in tech and how he gained notoriety in the music tech sector by developing an embedded MP3 player in the browser for Live 365 Internet Radio.

This then led to him being hired by Winamp to develop a system for accessing your music collection from the cloud and then Avid, the makers of Pro Tools, where he was originally a developer for 12 years and ultimately for the past 7 years became an architect. His development at Avid started with the challenge of latency compensation and went on to Elastic Audio, clip based gain, and cloud collaboration. All this while promoting and throwing multiple monthly parties and ultimately back to his passion for Down-Tempo chill electronic music with the Below Zero broadcast radio show on Energy 92.7 FM from 2008 to 2014.

The podcast ends with a discussion of the formation of the “meta-collective”, Unison, which is made up of multiple Bay Area DJ collectives that have come together to support each other and raise money for multiple charities. This super-organized, tech-forward crew also developed multiple education docs for the technology they use for supporting and managing large collective live streams. The closing track is from The Ambient Mafia compilation, Chillroom Culture Vol. 1, called Frog Pond by Mo Corleone, and featuring Beau Dream.



The Ambient Mafia

Chillroom Culture Vol 1

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