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Simon Shackleton Video Interviews

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Through this video interview series Simon Shackleton covers a lot of ground with Pyramind’s Jeff Straw, from the poetic and classical background that he comes from, his love of photography, death of the “banger” style complextro tracks and his Zodiac Cartel alias, thoughtful use of reverb, DJing long sets, Burning Man, how the SF scene has embraced him and so much more. Throughout the videos you will hear new unreleased music from Simon.

Simon Shackleton Interview | Part 1 | Career Overview

Simon Shackleton Interview | Part 2 | Afterglow

Simon Shackleton Interview | Part 3 | Hardwired | The Good Chameleon


Simon Shackleton Interview | Part 4 | The Good Chameleon | Waterfall


About Simon:

Simon Shackleton is a prolific, award-winning electronic musician and DJ, with 20 successful years in the industry, under a number of different guises. Simon’s music has appeared on Hollywood Blockbusters such as The Matrix, Arlington Road & Charlie’s Angels, massive selling console-games such as the MotorStorm, and he soundtracks many of the world’s biggest club floors with his unique brand of emotive house & techno on a weekly basis.

Despite attempting to keep his identity a secret, Simon also became well known as the Electro producer Zodiac Cartel between 2007 and 2012, and prior to that had recorded under multiple shorter-lived aliases such as Killer Elite, Futurecore, Double Black, pHrack R and Synchromesh. In 2014 he is increasingly renowned and respected for his outstanding, and often heroically long, House & Techno DJ sets. His One Series events (One DJ, One Room, All Night) epitomize his passionate and community-orientated spirit, cultivating a devoted following of participants and creative collaborators around the world. He also manages the Stereophoenix label, which describes its ethos as Electronic Music with Heart & Soul.

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