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Elite Session with Simon Shackleton

Watch the video recap of our Elite Session with producer & DJ Simon Shackleton. Simon has had a long career in the music industry – dating back 25 years ago when he left Exeter University with a Masters Degree in classical composition. A man of many pseudonyms, he has gone by Elite Force, Lunatic Calm and Zodiac Cartel.

In this two hour long exclusive event, Simon touches on a wide range of topics – including key moments in his musical career, in-depth production techniques used on his newly released album, and his Burning Man adventures. He also had time for a Q&A session with the audience.  

In Part I – Simon goes over key moments in his musical career, explores the historical trajectory of dance music beginning in the eighties, and reflects on the ever-changing landscape of the music business.


In Part II – Simon explores the aspects of music he enjoys listening to and how that shapes the music he makes. He also gives us an in depth walkthrough of his production process and opens up his Ableton session of “The Good Chameleon” – a song on his newly released album.


In Part III – we get under the hood with detail-oriented production techniques. He goes over how he achieves rich, full sounding vocal harmonies, his mastering process, and opens up the floor to questions from the audience.

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