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Sheridan Carter: Networking, Collaborating, Vision & Weed

In this episode, Greg speaks with Pyramind Alumni and recording artist, Sheridan Carter.

Sheridan shares insight into his newest track “Toes Done” and how he meets and collaborates with the producers who have helped to craft his sound. They discuss the inspiration behind telling stories as a songwriter and his early days singing in church and the influence his mother had on him pursuing his craft.

Sheridan touches on many topics during the interview including:

  • A great tip on using his phone for writing to make sure everything’s backed up in the cloud and accessible across all his devices.
  • The loss of his mother and former producer Cosmo who tragically both passed away.
  • How he turned inward for inspiration and dealing with the grief and wrote tracks like “I Miss You Mom” and “Lay Away” about his mother and how she continues to be a theme and source of inspiration.
  • The importance of working on himself to better himself and sending that out as a message in his music.
  • How the number one reason he came to Pyramind was to network, meet, and collaborate with new artists and producers.
  • Seeing the long arc of his career and the impact that collaboration has had in advancing his career opportunities including his collaboration with fellow Pyramind student Colin Sentz AKA Shrike.
  • The track they recorded & produced at Pyramind Studios for NBA 2K Games and how it’s also been released as a single and on the Pyramind Records “Game Sound On” music compilation release.
  • The importance of the business negotiations to make it all possible.
  • The mixture of styles that made the sound pop and how that’s such a driving force in the evolution of music.
  • How “listening to more music” is so important to have as many different references and points to draw from.
  • Cross-pollinating genres to help drive interest to bigger audiences.
  • The need for a “calculated push” and his business collaboration with Pyramind music business instructor Steffen Franz and Independent Distribution Collective.
  • Peaking at #17 on the itunes Hip Hop charts.
  • Getting within the first five albums of the pre-release order charts.
  • The creation of a virtual event in lieu of being able to tour during Covid.
  • Breaking down the track, “I Miss You Mom.”
  • Revealing his approach to songwriting with melodies & lyrics.

They end with a sneak peek at a few up-and-coming releases and why smoking weed is an integral piece to activating his voice and feeling more comfortable and less anxious.

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