A music producer working on a microphone in a recording studio, using a mixing mastering program.

Seapora Cross The Line (Remixes)

Name: Seapora (www.seapora.com)

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Specialty/Style: Recording Artist, Collaborative Producer, Vocalist, Pianist, Designer

Tools of Choice: Logic, Abelton, Pen and paper, and a little magic!

Years producing music/sound design pre-Pyramind Training: I have been writing lyrics my whole life, experimented in Abelton a year prior to my studies at Pyramind Training

Course Attended At Pyramind Training: Received the Beat University Scholarship (A Pyramind intiative) and took selective courses: LogicLiveSynthesisAudio 101 and Music Business to name a few.

1. Great EP right here! Tell us a bit about Seapora and how you found the remix artists?

Seapora is a manifestation of electronic dance, indie, pop music. I was fortunate to meet all the talented remix artists on this release through my studies at Pyramind Training. The program provided an opportunity for me enhance my production as well as my music business skills, and helped me enhance my career as a solo artist. The experience also introduced me to people who were passionate about music and open to collaborating and making original tracks.

2. Tell us a bit more about Roadhaus and how you all collaborate/work on different projects?

Roadhaus is an artist collective in the lower haight. We colloaborate, work on musical projects, engage in open jam sessions and invite fellow artists to share their craft and create with us. The art coming out of Roadhaus is a mix of music, dance, painting and performance. Each house member is involved in several musical projects and different aspects of the music business.

These include helping produce local bands, writing commercial music for licensing, putting together electronic music tracks and DJ sets, booking shows, and helping with distribution of our individual and collaborative projects.

3. Are you working on any future projects that we should know about?

All of us are working on new musical projects that will be released throughout the year and we are really excited about creating a Roadhaus compilation, that will be a collection of our work and will be released this summer.

4. Its a unique story about how you all met at Pyramind and now run Roadhaus! Any other unique or funny memories you would like share with us during your time at Pyramind Training?

There was never a lack of excitement and surprise at Pyramind, especially around peoples birthdays!

Member Alex Blue, knows this well as he received a very special treat on his birthday in front of our entire music business class.

Q5. Any advice you would like to share with future students?

Collaborate as much as you can because the friendships and projects that come can be invaluable.


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