Sound design sample muttering using Ableton Live, a music producer program.

Sample Morphing in Ableton Live

Pyramind instructor Will Marshall goes over sample morphing in Ableton Live. Sample morphing is a technique used to make an individual sample evolve over time. Will uses a simple clap sample to demonstrate this production technique.

First, he selects a clap sample and loads it into Ableton’s Sampler device. Next, he looks for a different clap sample that sounds similar to the first sample. Then, he tunes each clap and opens up the Zone section of the Sampler to set up crossfading between the two samples. 

To give the sound more consistency, Will adds a third clap sample at a lower volume that plays no matter where the sample selector is. Now, he can automate or MIDI map the selector parameter and crossfade between the two samples, causing the clap to evolve over time.

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