Rob Garza is a music producer known for his expertise in beatmaking and mixing mastering. He has recently released a collection of remixes for the popular track "Hide the Sunshine".

Rob Garza Remix EP | Featuring Pyramind Grad and Beaport Contest Winner

Magnetic Moon presents Hide the Sunlight Remixes by Rob Garza, featuring remixes by Esotera, Kurves and Sebastian Deluca

 Rob Garza - Hide The Sunlight Remixes Cover Art

On Tuesday September 15th, Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation) dropped another hot solo release, this time a house centric remix EP.  To find remix artists for this release, his label Magnetic Moon partnered with Pyramind and Beatport to run a remix contest.  The contest was judged live by Rob Garza and you can watch the videos from the event HERE on our blog. 

The original version was mixed here at Pyramind by Greg Gordon and Rob Garza in Studio A, so this remix package brings it full circle with a Pyramind graduate making it to the EP along with two other talented artists.

Hear the full EP and purchase on Beatport

Grand Prize Winner – Esotera


Ed Worboys aka ‘Esotera’ won the Beatport grand prize, a $1,000 voucher for a Pyramind online class along with inclusion into this Magnetic Moon remix package, a Sounds to Sample library and a one year Landr pro account!

Here’s what he had to say about Pyramind: “Matt Donner at Pyramind has been instrumental in my development as an artist in recent months. His personable style of teaching and extensive knowledge and experience have made learning the art of mixing a true pleasure. The structure of the lessons and assignments have helped drum in key concepts and I’ve found the quality and depth of my productions increase immensely.” – Ed Worboys aka Estero

Pyramind Graduate – Kurves

 Kurves UK

Gavin ‘Kurves’ Arblaster was just finishing his one year Electronic Music Production program at Pyramind when he decided to enter this remix competition (along with 110 other producers). Speaking about his remix he says “My Kurves remix of Rob Garza’s “Hide The Sunlight” started by keeping close to the original, with it’s dark underground vibe. It’s safe to say that the vocalist (Sutja Gutierrez) sounds a lot like Depeche Mode’s front man “Dave Gahan” and being a massive DM fan, I wanted the vocals to cut through the mix maintaining the dark vibe feel.” 

 When we asked him why he chose Pyramind he said, “One of the many things that grabbed my attention about Pyramind was the long list of guest speakers. Fred Everything, Bass Kleph, Morgan Page and Steve Duda are all highly respectable DJ’s / Producer / Engineers in there field and listening to there lectures was a massive inspiration.  Landing in San Francisco from the UK with a Degree in Music Technology, I wanted to focus more on my dance production skills and Pyramind definitely “ticked all the boxes” to achieved that.” 

Sebastian Deluca

Sebastian Deluca hails from the Czech Republic and is the third winner of the Remix contest.  His take on Garza’s track can be heard below!

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