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Reverb Basics | Theory & Parameters | Steve Heithecker

For our last tip in Mixing Month, Pyramind instructor Steve Heithecker explains the theory behind reverb and walks you through parameter settings commonly found on different reverb units.

Reverb is another commonly misused effect so we wanted to take the time to go over some of the basics. This tip is great for beginners as well as a good refresher for those of you who have been mixing for awhile already.

Using Reason’s RV7000 MkII, Steve thoroughly explains and demonstrates each setting.

00:01:00 – What is Sound?
00:02:14 – What is Reverb?
00:08:53 – The importance of applying reverb using send & return
00:11:56 – Algorithm (describes the characteristics of the physical space)
00:14:41 – Predelay (the amount of time before the onset of the reverb)
00:16:08 – Decay (time it takes for the reverb to die off)
00:17:47 – Reasons for EQing a reverb
00:20:58 – Diffusion (affects how you hear the reverb reflections)


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