Resampling | Hands-On Sound Design | Ableton Live

In this tutorial, Pyramind sound designer Brandon Roos walks us through one of his go-to sound design workflow techniques in Ableton Live. He shows us how to make resampling more fun by mapping parameters to a MIDI controller and modulating the parameters live – in sync with the beat of your song.

First, he goes over the parameters he chose to modulate. Then, he shows us how to map those parameters to the Macro knobs in an instrument rack. Next, he MIDI maps the macros to each knob on his MIDI controller. After MIDI mapping all of the parameters, he duplicates his drum pattern so that he can record and play along for a longer period of time. Last but not least, he creates an audio track and sets his bass sound as the input for the audio track.

This technique yields a lot of variation in your sounds in a short period of time, and can make producing more fun.

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