Is Terrestrial Radio Still Relevant? Interview with Renee Richardson

Is Terrestrial Radio Still Relevant?

As an on-going component of our curriculum, Pyramind founder and Director, Gregory J. Gordon, draws upon his rolodex of friends and associates in the industry to join him in his advanced Music Business class. Aptly titled “Planning For Success”, Greg both interviews and moderates a class led presentation that takes us on a journey through the careers of successful audio professionals from all walks of the industry. In this interview we’ll go over many things as well as whether or not radio is still relevant.

About Renee Richardson

Renée is best known for her 20 year career as a radio host on KFOG FM (insert foghorn) where she found herself building strong relationships within the local music community. In 2016, as a result of changes in the radio industry, Renée decided it was time to pivot and do something more rewarding with her life. Inspired by a culture of philanthropy unique to the Bay Area, she signed on as the Director of Development for Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco where she promoted the idea of music education for all. Today, Renée remains an active member of the Board of Trustees for Blue Bear School of Music, but decided to jump at the opportunity to help support, guide, and develop the mission set by the aforementioned Board of Directors in support of Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

Renee shares her experience of the music and broadcast industry with our students in the Music Business 210 class in a Q&A style lecture. Renee shares her wealth of experience and knowledge in everything from her days at KFOG Terrestrial Radio, to Corporate Radio take overs, to Streaming vs. Broadcast, to starting your own podcast show. Listen to what a veteran in radio has to say about the climate of releasing  music in this two part series: Is radio still relevant?

Part 1

00:00:08 – Intro, Metallica Foundation, Blue Bear School of Music00:03:33 – KFOG Terrestrial Radio – DJ and Program Director00:9:30 – Getting started in Radio / Live !05 / KFOG / Shift In Radio

00:14:45 – Local Radio vs. Corporate Radio / Taste Makers vs. Music Director.

00:24:30 – Indie Promoters / Age of Paying for Air time for bands. 00:26:52 – Not about the album its about the single/ The Climate of Releasing music.

Part 2

00:00:40 – Genres for Radio / Classic Rock

00:03:10- Non-Com Radio00:04:45 – Publish Royalty vs. Radio

00:6 :25 – PRO – BMI ASCAP vs NAB00:7:38 – Streaming vs. Broadcast00:9:55 – Changing the Way it Works / tech vs. radio

0:12:55 – Podcasts00:14:45 – More History of KFOG /17 years on the air00:25:40 -Local Scene Podcast

00:27:40 -Renee & Irish Gregs Pop Up Show

00:30:05 -Blue Bear Music School

00:30:40 -Metallica Foundation

00:37:20 – Whats Next?

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