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Remix collaboration and FREE Sample Pack with Sam Marston

Remix of the Gregory J. Gordon track, Hold On

Pyramind founder Greg Gordon and alumnus, Sam Marston sit down and discuss their collaboration on Greg’s new EP release “Hold On”, now out and available on all major services on the Pyramind label, Epiphyte Records.

A graduate from Pyramind’s Complete Program, Sam explains how he re-voices and re-harmonizes the original version and uses his own Serum and Massive designed patches as well as sound design manipulation in creating his unique approach to this Remix.

About The Song and Video
Greg produced this song and the accompanying video as a message to young artists around the world in pursuit of their dreams. As a board member for the The IAMFORMUSIC non-profit foundation, Greg worked with founder and executive director Jerome Picot, to include the youth as the background singers and dancers in the video.

“Hold On” is a cry out for those feeling a sense of desperation in their pursuit of the “American Dream” and the rapidly changing face of our planet. “Hold On” is a cry for the 99% to band together and stand up against corporate greed, racism and the growing injustice of financial inequality. This video is dedicated to all the children of the world and in particular Greg’s daughter Trudie Rose Gordon whose shining light and relentless prodding saw him through to completion.

Listen to the Entire EP HERE


FREE Custom Samples and Serum Presets Created By Sam for The Hold On Remix

Samples include: Guitar Delays & Swells, Piano Bridge Chords, Synth Leads, Trippy Panned Pad, Synth Lead lines, Trippy Panned Pad, Warped Piano Chords, Tom Loops and more.

Serum Presets include: Five Bass patches, Five Chord Patches and Two Lead Solo Synth PatchesS

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About Sam Marston

Sam Marston is a musician who dabbles in genres ranging from electronic to jazz to trap.  He pulls from his years of experience as a pianist, guitarist, producer and human being to create vivid soundscapes, harmonic narratives, and a bunch of other clunky stuff.  His music is at once jarring and soothing.

Sam, 23, hails from Berkeley, CA, where he grew up playing classical piano and video games.  After dropping out of college, he attended Pyramind to cultivate his art and soul.  He released his debut EP, Sensitive, in the spring of 2018 alongside vocalist and longtime friend Dright Dyson and he is hard at work on his first album.  He moonlights as keyboardist for local Bay Area jazz pop band Plants!

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