Pyramind Taco Tuesday Takeover at Monarch SF | December 15th

 Taco Tuesday Takeover | Pyramind and Monarch SF | December 15th, 2015

From our VIP Student Night:

Monarch from Pyramind on Vimeo.

Taco Tuesday Takeover

Pyramind is pleased to announce our first Taco Tuesday Takeover on December 15th, held at Monarch SF.

The night will feature an entire night of DJ sets by Pyramind students, graduates and staff. 

Drink and food specials all night.

Monarch is located at 101 6th St, San Francisco CA.

Set times are as follows:

5:30 Ulloa • 6:00 Spencer Collins w/ Austan Found • 6:30 Mount Yenoh • 7:00 DJ F • 7:30 Din Pei

8:00 Mario Graham • 8:30 Zaweizen • 9:00 Aaron Kuppin • 9:30 Shawn Smith

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