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Pyramind Studios Works with Microsoft Studios to Create the Music for Kinect Disneyland Adventures

San Francisco, CA: October 18th, 2011 – Pyramind Studios has partnered with Microsoft Studios to compose and produce the original score to Kinect Disneyland Adventures, an exclusive Xbox360 videogame created in partnership with Disney, Microsoft Studios, and Frontier Developments. Lead by Pyramind Studios Audio Director/Composer Paul Lipson, Pyramind Studios worked with world-renowned talent to produce an unprecedented three hundred fifteen minutes of original orchestral and idiomatic music, recorded with the eighty-piece Skywalker Symphony Orchestra at Skywalker Sound.

To tackle a project of this scope and size, Lipson put a team of trusted colleagues together to assist with the massive minute count of original music. “I knew that that the clock was ticking, and beyond my own sixty minutes or so of my own writing, I would need to spread the work around. We approached some very close friends and collaborators to join the crew so we could cross the finish line in record time, and at an astounding quality level that would pass Disney’s and Microsoft’s strict approval process.”

The composing team became an all-star collaboration, inlcuding (in alpha order) Mark Griskey, Wataru Hokoyama, Laura Karpman, Peter McConnell, and Lennie Moore. Moore also managed the orchestration and part preparartion team, and served as session librarian. Hokoyama and Moore conducted the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, which was expertly recorded by multiple Grammy winner Leslie Ann Jones Director of Music Recording and Scoring at Skywalker Sound.

“Leslie Ann and the team at Skywalker Sound have been a joy to partner with,” said Gregory J. Gordon, Pyramind Studios CEO and Mix/Mastering Engineer. “Recording a project of this size is no easy feat, and our team went above and beyond to ensure the quality of the score. We even broke the record for most recorded cues recorded at Skywalker Sound, capturing four feature films worth of music!” Additional small ensemble recordings, including bluegrass bands, brass ensembles, and additional horns were recorded at Pyramind Studios flagship Studio A live room and Broken Radio Studios in San Francisco.

This was an enormous project that required some of the finest talent in the industry” remarked Lipson, who served as the Audio Director/Score Supervisor and Composer on the project. “We knew that creating original music and arrangements of classic melodies, all of which spanned generations of beloved Disney characters, would be an exciting and unique challenge.

— Paul Lipson

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