Pyramind Studios’ Scoring Insignia Films and CaglarArts Production, Panzehir

Pyramind Studios’ Senior Composer Clint Bajakian has been chosen by Turkish film director Alper Caglar to score his new film, Panzehir. Panzehir is the story of Kadir Korkut, a hitman who, on the night he is to retire, is poisoned by the crime boss who employed him. Kadir is then sent on one final mission which he must complete in order to receive the antidote – but can he do it in time?

Clint and Pyramind Studios’ Composer Jeremy Garren are crafting a score that captures not only Kadir’s darkness and troubled past, but his redemption and vulnerability as well. The Pyramind Team have been very strategic in selecting live instrumentalists to record for the score for a heightened sense of realism and texture.

The film is due out in the spring of 2014. For more info, check out the Panzehir official website page, here.

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