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Pyramind Records Voice-Over & Location Sound for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft Montreal, lead by Audio Director Olivier Girard, selected Pyramind Studios as their home base to record voice-over pipeline for the critically acclaimed Watch Dogs 2. The sequel to the acclaimed original Watch Dogs was set in the birthplace of the “tech revolution,” the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ubisoft chose to work with Pyramind for it’s connection to the local Bay Area scene, ability to find and deliver talent characteristic of San Francisco, and simultaneously run two synchronized studios to deliver class A recordings for the four months of session work needed to complete this massive project. In addition, Pyramind was tasked to secure many typical San Francisco sounds to be used in the game including police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and cable cars.

Pictured here in Pyramind’s Studio A from left to Right are:

Back Row – Cole Smithers (Assistant Engineer),  Joel Raabe (Engineer), Olivier Girard (Ubisoft), Johannie Gervais (Ubisoft), Joey Cape (Talent), Paul Simmans (Engineer)

First Row – Tony Prescesky (Ubisoft) and Mathieu Daoust (Ubisoft), Ophylia Wispling (Pyramind VO Manager), Brandon Roos (Engineer)

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