Pyramind partners with independent record label MalLabel Music.  MalLabel Music was founded in 2008 in Bay Area clubs and warehouses when the biggest wave of bass music was beginning to break into the mainstream in the US. The label has had a significant impact on the landscape of current bass music culture and has developed a powerful platform focused on diversity, equity and inclusion for established & emerging artists who bring fresh, innovative music to today’s scene. 

The Pyramind/Mal Label partnership has been created to provide our San Francisco and online students with exclusive opportunities to not only get their music into the world but to gain employment in the music industry.  

Enrolling as a student at Pyramind provides the opportunity to:

  • Get your music released on a MalLabel Music EP or Compilation
  • Provide DJ mixes to be marketed and released on their platforms
  • Apply for paid remote-work internship to work in the music business and participate in paid projects
  • And coming soon, licensing opportunities to get original music licensed to commercial, tv, or film placements. 

MalLabel’s knack for recognizing talent— combined with their entrepreneurial prowess are two of the main the reasons this partnership was created. Pyramind strives to offer the best student experience and pathways into the industry.  

We couldn’t be more excited to team with such a respected, independent label that invests a professional level of care and dedication into its roster of artists.  

For more information about MalLabel Music, we invite you to get to know MalLabel Music founder, Mal Fung, and the history of the label from her recent appearance on the Mentor my Mix Podcast.

Also, be sure to visit them at one of their links below:

MalLabel Music Website





Become a Business Savvy Artist

Did you know that Pyramind's Six Month Music Business Curriculum is included in The Complete Producer and The Electronic Music Producer Programs but can also be audited as a stand alone course?

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