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Pyramind 2021 School Updates

A New Era for the Pyrafam

For over 20 years Pyramind has been at the forefront of music education.  Our world-renowned programs have trained thousands of students in the art of music production, sound engineering, sound design, mixing, mastering, DJing, and more.  This has led to countless students finding success in the industry touring internationally, playing festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, and Tomorrowland as well as releasing music on revered labels such as Armada music, Anjunadeep and OWSLA amongst others. Our Sound For Picture and Games curriculum that includes Avid (Pro Tools) and Wwise certification has led them to work for some of the biggest companies in the world including: Doublefine/Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, Disney, Blizzard, Crystal Dynamics and many more.  

One of the reasons Pyramind has withstood the test of time is due to the fact that we willing and able to evolve our curriculum  and our processes to ensure the best overall experience for our students.  Today, we are officially announcing a major update as it pertains to the inner workings of the school and the overall experience that one can expect when enrolling in our programs.   

New & Updated Program Offerings

We’ve seen the landscape change dramatically over the years.  For the longest time, there were only a handful of reputable schools in the industry.

Nowadays schools have popped up all over the globe, providing prospective students with a dizzying amount of options.  Not only that but anyone with a camera and a basic home studio setup can (and probably has) created free tutorials on Youtube.  While these new schools and Youtube tutorials can be helpful when you are just starting out, most realize that there comes a point in time where there is a need for a robust, formal education, that provides the community and support needed to thrive  

Pyramind’s flagship offering, the Complete Producer program is one of, if not the most comprehensive program in the industry. This is the option for anyone who is serious about making a living in the industry.  We have now received approval from the State of California’s Bureau For Private Post Secondary education to streamline the program to offer a more concise curriculum and for the first time in years we’ve lowered the tuition!

You will now save up to $5,000.00 by enrolling in our new and improved Complete Producer program and still enjoy everything the program has to offer.  

We’ve also intensified the delivery of our focused Sound for Picture & Games program to nine-months as opposed to a year.  This means that students will receive the same great education as before, just in a shorter amount of time.

We’ve even updated our wildly popular Electronic Music Producer program to fit within a six-month window while giving you the option to expand upon your areas of study.  We have also reduced the tuition dramatically which allows you to save as much as $5,000.00!

Given the state of the world right now and the impact the pandemic has had on everyone’s lives we also decided to create new, more affordable options to make the Pyrafam and the Pyramind method accessible to many more aspiring producers and artists.  These gateway programs are aimed squarely at those who are either just starting their journey into music or who are looking to try things out before committing to one of our larger programs.  Either way, we think you will enjoy our brand new part-time programs, the Music Production Certificate and our Music Production & DJ program.

No matter which program you sign up for you will always  be treated like one of the family.  Pyramind students have the opportunity to work closely with each other as well as our professional instructors to build lasting relationships.  Whether you are a hobbyist or an aspiring professional, there is a program option just for you!

Quarterly System

One of the main reasons Pyramind has been so successful over the years is due to our boutique, family atmosphere.  You will  hear us throw the word “Pyrafam” around quite a bit.  This is because we aim to make each student a part of the family.  We’ve always limited our class sizes to find that sweet spot between building a thriving community, and  getting to know each student as a person and not just as a number.  

While this approach has many benefits, it has led to a large amount of our trimester start dates filling up well in advance.  We work hard to keep our doors open to anyone who is looking to pursue their passion in music so as of 2021 we are adding  a fourth start date in our yearly calendar!  Students will now have the option to enroll in any of these four upcoming terms:


Winter Term : January

Spring Term : April

Summer Term: June/July

Fall Term: September


Each program and course will start each term which provides more flexibility and scheduling options for students and their families.  

Streamlined Class Schedules

Our staff has been hard at work putting the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver a more streamlined course schedule.  Any successful school and classroom experience has to have an efficient process and course progression.  We’ve taken the time to revamp our class schedules for greater efficiency and  so students have a clear path not only through the individual courses but throughout their entire program.  These are truly the building blocks to success. 

Week by week our full-time students will be in class up to five days a week, will have access to hours of open lab time, as well as personal interactions with their instructors during designated office hours.  Our part-time students have the opportunity to be in class up to four days a week and still enjoy the benefits of open lab time and office hours with their instructors.  Between these three features we’ve tried to check all of the boxes to make sure that our students have the time and attention they need to accomplish their goals.  

(Coming Soon) Expanded Night Class Options

Another big update coming in 2021 is the addition of a more robust course catalog for those students who are only able to study with us in the evenings.  For years now we’ve had successful students graduate from our night classes only to find themselves wanting to dive deeper into music production.  These students are normally working professionals, full-time college students, or parents raising a family during the day.  After numerous requests, we’ve finally built the system that will allow them to reach their goals too.

We have expanded on our current offerings of the Music Production with Ableton Live and the DJ/Performance course by introducing our new Music Production Certificate.  This means that each student has the opportunity to go further into learning music theory, arrangement, sound design, and advanced production techniques.  We also plan to offer our Mixing & Mastering course later in the year as well.  No matter if you are in one of our full-time programs during the day or one of our new part-time programs at night, you are still a part of the Pyrafam and we are invested in your success.


2021 is set to be a big year for us here at Pyramind.  Someone once said that in the midst of chaos there is opportunity.  We’ve taken this to heart and are excited to share with all of you the newest version of Pyramind.  Students can expect a world-class experience, a helpful staff, professional instruction, and a strong community during their time here.  This has been the launching pad for many careers over the years and we are confident that these updates will be the catalyst for many more aspiring producers, artists and audio professionals to pursue their passion. 

For more information about anything listed here or to learn more about any of our programs please fill out our contact us form HERE or simply get in touch with our admissions staff at admissions@pyramind.com  

We look forward to having you in class!

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