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PullString – Producing interactive audio with AI

Pyramind’s ongoing MindShare series features tech demos and discussions from the front lines of audio. Attendees of this event played games using the SubPac Tactile Bass System, HTC Vive, Oculus, and the Anki Overdrive. Pyramind’s Greg Gordon moderated the panel of audio directors from Anki, SubPac, and PullString.

PullString is an entertainment and technology company that works to enable computer conversation with characters. In this three-part video series, Kevin Dusablon and Mike Forst discuss career mentorship, the inspiration behind the company’s vision, and how they envision their products being combined with AR and VR technology.

Kevin explains PullString’s initial vision as a company and the inspiration behind it. He talks about his favorite IP, as well as the influence of bots and personality in the industry.

Kevin talks about how he envisions the company’s products being combined with AR and VR. He wants to see game characters talking back to players on all platforms, and thinks this would be especially useful in VR gaming. By talking to characters, you are connecting to the IP in a new way.

Kevin discusses the impact of mentorship, and how his mentor Franklin Clary transformed his audio career. He also talks about how fortunate he was to land at Pyramind when he first came to San Francisco.

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