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Billie Eilish breakdown by Matt Donner, who specializes in music production and mixing.

4 production techniques to learn from Billie Eilish’s – Wish You Were Gay

Billie Eilish is everywhere – and with good reason. She’s not just another “voice”, she has real songs that are produced with interesting sounds that are just quirky enough to be truly catchy.

…In this latest breakdown, Matt looks at her track “Wish You Were Gay” and shows us how it goes along with other points of interest. Things like…

1- Why old progressions are still great ones to use.

2 – Why attention to detail really matters in productions to keep things interesting

3- How to use melody along with chords to make sure the audience knows exactly where they are in the song.

4 – How to make stereo from mono.


About Matt and the Breakdown

 Matt Donner – Chief Academic Officer

Matt’s been teaching at Pyramind for 18 years and in that time, he’s been known for deconstructing songs as a means of explaining / teaching harmony, melody and producing with Theory. Some people even think he’s pretty funny :)….

The “Breakdown” series on YouTube is the manifestation of the deconstruction process and is well-received by the YouTube producer community with over 500,000 views across the series.


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