Complete Game Audio Producer Program

Learn to produce sound for games with the Complete Game Audio Program at Pyramind. This training program provides a comprehensive education tailored to prepare students for the intricacies of crafting and implementing sound for video games and interactive media. The program consists of eight essential classes:

  1. Game Audio Level 1: Includes Wwise & Unity implementation
  2. Game Audio Level 2: Includes FMOD & Unreal Engine implementation
  3. Avid Pro Tools Certification Level 1
  4. Avid Pro Tools Certification Level 2
  5. Sound For Film
  6. Sound Engineering
  7. Sound Design
  8. Mixing & Mastering

Program Duration Options:

  1. Six-Month Program (Weekdays):
    • Two three-month levels
    • Four weekly classes
    • Each course spans twelve weeks
    • Classes convene for a three-hour session per week
  2. One-Year Program (Weekdays):
    • Four three-month levels
    • Two classes per week
    • Each course lasts for twelve weeks
    • Weekly sessions are three hours long
  3. Accelerated Bootcamp Program (Weekends):
    • Duration: 18 weeks
    • Covers all eight classes
    • Weekend classes for intensive learning

Location Options:

  • SF Campus: Classes are conducted at the San Francisco-based studios, with access to professional studios for weekly sessions.
  • Hybrid/Online: Classes are offered via Zoom for remote learning convenience.

Enrollment Benefits:

  • Discount: Enroll in the eight-class Game Audio Producer Program and receive a 20% discount off individual class pricing.

Whether you prefer an immersive weekday schedule, a more extended pace over a year, or an intensive weekend boot camp, Pyramind’s Game Audio Program offers flexible options to cater to your learning style and accommodate your schedule.

Session 1: January
Session 2 : February
Session 3 : March
Session 4 : April
Session 5: May
Session 6 : June
Session 7: July
Session 8 : August
Session 9 : September
Session 10 : October
Session 11: November
Session 12 : December


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SF Campus, Online/Hybrid