Celeste Lear - Pyramind Mentor

Celeste Lear

Immersive event producer, 3D World Builder/Artist and Pro DJ/Music Producer, Celeste Lear is working with the most current cutting edge technology to create and perform in consistently epic and visually stunning futuristic events in Virtual Reality.

Her goal is to inspire her students and arm them with the right knowledge so they can start acquiring the appropriate gear & software as well as essential networking tactics to start on the path towards working in the VR event and concert world.

What we will cover during our time together:

  • Key Concepts to Merge Successfully into the Future of VR & Virtual Concerts
  • Immersive Event Design
  • Event & Concert Production in VR
  • Live Virtual Performance Broadcast Tools & Techniques
  • DJing in VR using TribeXR
  • Music Direction for Events
  • Essential Tech & Tools
  • Worldbuilding & Virtual Nightclub Concepts
  • How to Video Document your Performances
  • Social Media & PR Campaign Techniques
  • Networking Skills & Etiquette