Producing Tropical House Guitar | Ableton Live Tip | Liam Shy

In this tip, Pyramind instructor Liam Shy (aka Mountain of Youth) shows you his technique to get a realistic sounding guitar in a tropical house track. Perfect for the times when you want that vibe but don’t have access to a guitar player to record on your session.

Using the Real Guitar VST by MusicLab he lets you hear some of the different presets like Nylon or Steel string as well as picked or fingered.

Since Liam wants the guitar parts for this Tropical House track to provide supporting harmonic content emphasizing the chords so the melody can play over the top.

To provide a doubling layer he also shows you Kontakt loaded with the Pettinhouse Acoustic Guitar instrument.

Next up Liam digs into the MIDI programming of this style of guitar. Keeping things off the grid and not fully quantized will help give these guitar parts a human element.

Enjoy the island vibes and get going on your own productions!

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