Producing House Music with Ableton Push ft. Lenny Kiser

Ableton certified trainer Lenny Kiser took the stage at Pyramind and built a track from scratch using the Push 2. In this multi-part video recap, Lenny walks you through multiple techniques you can use to produce with the Push and keep your music fresh with variation.

In Part 1, Lenny loads a drum rack from the Push and demonstrates how to sequence drums using the pad grid. He sequences a kick drum with a snare, and walks through the process of layering snares to create variation. He also demonstrates how to add effects to individual drums and fine-tune those effects right from the Push.

In Part 2, Lenny adds hi-hats to his track. He goes over adjusting note timing and velocities of individual drums from the Push. He also adds extra snares to keep the arrangement interesting.

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In Part 3, Lenny show us how he creates basslines using toms. He covers copying drum sounds to new pads on the Push, and transposing samples. He also demonstrates how to use Note Mode.

In Part 4, Lenny demonstrates how to use the melodic step sequencer. He also covers adding return effects and automation to his track from the Push.

In Part 5, Lenny adds a gritty bass sound to his track and demonstrates per step automation. Last but not least, he goes over the arrangement process and arranges the track using the Push.


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