Advanced Production Techniques

Advanced Production Techniques

For experienced producers looking to sharpen their skills with details in both the process and tools of production.

Sound Design with Native Instruments

This class gives you comprehensive knowledge of Native Instruments’ primary Komplete toolset, as well as a deep understanding of how synthesizers and samplers work. You will employ Pyramind’s four-step sound design process on any synth without getting lost, achieving a real understanding of how sound design works – no matter the tool.

  • How to use the “shaping” process across multiple levels of modulation to create interesting and “moving” sounds

  • The nuts and bolts of the main Native Instruments Komplete toolset (Battery, Massive, Monark, Retro Machines, Kontakt, Reaktor player, and Absynth)

  • Create, save and tweak patches to use over and again, and create your sound!

  • The four basic waveforms and where they originated (history of synthesis)

  • Pyramind’s four-step process to sound design

  • Understanding what techniques and processes to employ to achieve “that sound” you desire

  • The tools of synthesis: subtractive, wavetable, modeled, sampled, and granular, as well as drum sampling/synthesis

Production Workflows in Live

This class focuses on production techniques and strategies for developing your own unique style and method when composing and producing with Ableton Live beyond the basics. This class explores a high level of detail with Ableton’s tools and techniques. Objectives for the class are structured so you will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Creating interesting arrangements and sound design

  • Professional mixing techniques

  • Collaborating with other student producers

  • Collaborating on a final project

  • Creating unique sounds in your productions

  • Complex drum programming and arrangement

  • Creating engaging and innovative bass lines and lead lines

(This course is formerly called Advanced Production with Ableton)

Mixing and Mastering in Live


This class will lead you through a step-by-step process, taking an electronic dance music track from the songwriting stage all the way to final output. Each stage has very important steps that need to be executed in order to ensure a successful workflow and finished product. 

In addition to covering the Ableton plugins, you will explore tools from iZotope, FabFilter and Universal Audio.

This is a comprehensive course that will take you from beginning to end, ensuring your songs are ready for the dance floor!

  • Return FX techniques

  • Mastering EQs and compressors

  • Ableton Rack techniques

  • Virtual tape machines

  • Metering and loudness deception

  • Final export

  • Preparing the session for Mixing

  • Creating mix stems

  • Volume, EQ and compression techniques

  • Stereo width and pan

  • Multiband dynamics

  • Saturation and excitement

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