The Grove Thief is a pro tools designed for music production. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this program offers an array of features and functionality to help you create your own beats and tracks

Pro Tools | Tips & Tricks | Groove Thief (part 1) | Bryan Dale

Have you ever heard a groove just so sweet that you had to have it on your track? Here in part 1 of this Pro Tools tutorial, Bryan Dale, Pro Tools Certified Expert, walks you through how to pull the groove from one track into your own beats.

Starting with a four bar loop, you learn how to adjust the tempo grid to align with transients in the source track, without using Beat Detective. Double check your work using the click track on your new “humanized” tempo grid. Once you’ve aligned the tempo grid, you will be able to quantize MIDI performances to this new groove feel for a natural, non-robotic feel to your track (which we will get into in Part 2).

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