Beginner’s Mixing Tip | Effective Use of Stereo | Paul Simmans

In this beginner’s tip you will learn about the fundamentals and history of stereo mixing. 

Pro Tools instructor Paul Simmans walks you through a detailed Pro Tools session to explain where to typically position each instrument in your mix. 

While panning (like anything in music) doesn’t have any rules that are carved in stone, these handy guidelines explained in this tip are a terrific place to start making full use of the stereo field in your own music productions.

We’d like to point out that even though this is done in Pro Tools, the concepts are applicable across any DAW that you use such as Garage Band, Logic, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops, Reason, etc.

Detailed Timeline:

00:00:45 – What is stereo?
00:01:43 – History of stereo
00:03:25 – Launching into PT session
00:04:33 – Kick Drum
00:06:08 – The frequency tree
00:06:54 – Snare
00:07:45 – Hihats
00:08:56 – Toms


00:10:17 – Overheads
00:11:35 – Bass
00:12:07 – Piano and Guitars
00:13:16 – Getting separation between instruments with similar frequency ranges
00:15:18 – Guitar solos
00:16:50 – Thinking about larger ensembles like orchestra
00:17:46 – Summary

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