Pro tools cleaning up audio with music production online free and zope rx.

Pro Tools | Cleaning Audio with iZotope RX | Paul Simmans

Have you been trying to tackle unwanted noise in your productions?  

We’ve got just the tip for you! Pyramind Pro Tools Expert Paul Simmans shows you how to make use of iZotope RX running with Pro Tools in our latest Tips & Tricks video.

The first part looks closely at some dialog / voice over audio and how you can remove that unwanted mains hum that you generally pick up around 60hz. 

In the second portion,  Paul walks you through how to get rid of unwanted buzz from a noisy single coil guitar pickup like a Fender Telecaster or a set of Gibson P-90s. Allowing RX to “learn” the unique pattern of noise from the recording itself let’s the tool surgically remove it from the rest of the track.

To finish off this useful Pro Tools tip, Paul shows you how to dial back the fret noise on an acoustic guitar. Two different techniques are shown, one with the fret noise standing alone (which is fairly easy to accomplish) and the second much trickier and common bit when you find the fret squeak in the middle of the track. 

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