Pro 12 music production program introduces new editing features for mixing and mastering, perfect for aspiring music producers. Stay ahead of the game with Paul Simmons.

Pro Tools 12 | New Editing Features | Tips & Tricks | Paul Simmans

In this tip, Pro Tools instructor Paul Simmans shows you some of the new editing features available in Avid Pro Tools 12.3. These features are guaranteed to improve your workflow.

He walks you through the new commit feature, which quickly bounces a track or selection to audio while giving you the option to hide the source track. He even shows you how to commit a track up to a specific insert, giving you the option to leave certain FX out of the source while printing and apply them to the print.

Another new feature that will surely improve your workflow is the ability to print midi to audio simply by dragging a midi clip onto an audio track.

The next feature Paul goes over is the clip transparency feature. If you drag a clip using the grabber tool, the clip’s new waveform position overlays the old position. This takes the guess work out of aligning and editing.

Last but not least, he demonstrates the new batch fades feature. This allows you to control the shape of fade ins, outs, and crossfades while applying it to multiple clips at once.

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