Operations During Covid

During this unprecedented period Pyramind has remained open to our student community.  Due to our professional staff and amazing students, we’ve been able to offer nearly our full slate of classes day in and day out.  For over 20 years now we have been on the cutting edge of music education and this experience has allowed us to pivot successfully while delivering on our promises for our students.

For those looking at one of our upcoming start dates, there are undoubtedly some questions as to how we are operating, how we are delivering classes, and simply what to expect by enrolling in our programs.  We hope to answer each of these questions for you and provide more information about the exciting features that are exclusive to our Pyramind students.


Class Sessions

Each week students engage with each other and their instructors at scheduled class times.  These sessions are live and held over Zoom which allows for video conferencing, chat, and remote desktop functionality.  Each class session is held as normal as your instructor covers the week’s lessons, explains the exercises, and allows for time to work on your projects and provide individual feedback.  

One-on-One Office Hours

Throughout the pandemic our senior instructors have been offering office hours every single week.  We believe in normal times that the key to success is having direct access to our teaching staff and now more than ever, this is even more important.  

Each week students have the opportunity to get their questions answered and receive direct feedback on their projects. These are often intimate sessions with only a few students at a time and have proven to be extremely fruitful. 

Full Staff on Hand

Since day one of the pandemic, our staff has remained in place and is here to help with anything you need.  Even while working remotely we are on duty all throughout the week at our normal times.  As per usual we are just a phone call, e-mail, Discord, or G Chat away!  Whether you want to discuss your classes, ask questions about music, or just want to connect with another human, we are here to help.

Studio/Lab Time

Between our three physical sites we have and will continue to offer open lab time while following strict social distancing and safety protocols.  Our professional-grade recording studios have been available to book for the past two months and soon, our main classrooms at 2727 Mariposa St will be open again for lab time.  This gives our students a chance to learn remotely but also provides an outlet to come and work on physical gear.  Not only that but coming soon our partners at Monarch Nightclub will be opening their doors solely for us to get in and resume our DJ lessons.  More on that to come!


Pyramind Records

We are excited to share with you the relaunch of our label Pyramind Records!  This is our in-house record label that is seeing its second life with an upcoming release from Pyramind founder Greg Gordon and former students Alexis Harris, AKA PFuzz and Danny Dignin, AKA Imaginate.  The label is carefully curated to release the best music from our close friends and students.  By releasing music on Pyramind Records you will get the opportunity to join the family along with names such as Bassnectar, Miguel Migs, Derek Howell, and Way Out West who all contributed to our scholarship fund release “LoveEvolution”.


Community Events

By now we are certain that just about everyone has participated in some sort of online happy hour or get-together with friends.  Here are Pyramind we’ve been offering a fun twist on the casual hangout as we’ve incorporated listening sessions, music reviews, and more to our online community events.  Our ethos has always been that of inclusion and getting our students involved in the community. 


Track Reviews

Our Free Track Reviews are wildly popular not only with prospective students but with our current and former student body as well.  This is a dedicated time of a half an hour where you can get direct feedback on a track that you are working on.  Everyone at Pyramind from the instructors, admissions staff, and studio assistants are experienced producers and engineers who are willing to help you get to that next level.  If you are looking for keen insight into how to improve your sound, schedule a track review with us today!