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Online Class Programs

Online Music Production Courses

Pyramind’s online music production courses stand apart from the rest with our unique content-rich Ableton tutorials combined with private 1-1 mentorship lessons that solve workflow issues, open doors of creativity and get you making release-ready tracks fast.

The Pyramind Difference: Mentorship That Matters

Studies show that online classes with mentors yield significantly better results in online learning. All our programs come with individual, 1-on-1 live mentorship sessions where you can choose from over 50 mentors in our network! Work with experts who know the answers – and the other 12 questions you should be asking…


Online Class Programs

Music Creation Essentials Program

This is the perfect place to start if you’re just getting going and want to avoid wasted time learning bad habits and not finishing music.

Welcome to Ableton Live

The workflow of Live and the overall music production process

Music Theory with Live

Notes, rhythms, melodies, chords and songwriting

Audio Fundamentals (I)

Sound waves, audio FX, microphones, levels, terms and definitions

Music Creation Essentials Program – Tuition $495!

  • 3 classes – Welcome to Live, Music Theory for Producers, Audio fundamentals I
  • 21 Modules, 87 Videos!
  • 1 year access to ALL the content
  • 4 one-on-one mentorship hours with any mentor on our network!

Production & Arranging Program

For experienced producers looking to sharpen their skills with details in both the process and tools of production.

Ableton Live InDepth

All the Devices, FX units and Racks of Ableton

Producing and Arranging

Workflow improvements, harmonic choices, keys, layering, detailing, arranging

Audio Fundamentals (II)

Studio layout and soundproofing, mixing reference levels, live recording


Producing and Arranging Program – Tuition $695!

  • 3 classes – Ableton Live InDepth, Producing & Arranging, Audio Fundamentals II
  • 22 Modules, 120 Videos!
  • 1 year access to ALL the content
  • 4 one-on-one mentorship hours with any mentor on our network!

Advanced Production Skills Program

Once you’ve mastered the process of finishing tracks, it’s time to elevate your skills with finishing details. This includes upgrading your sound design with Native Instruments, getting even deeper with Live and of course, mixing and mastering.

Production Workflows with Live

Advanced Production techniques, performing the arrangement and the mix, creativity advancements

Sound Design with Native Instruments

Synthesis, Sound Design and Sampling with Battery, Kontakt, Monark, FM8, Massive, Absynth

Mixing and Mastering with Live

Gain Stages, EQ Mastery, Dynamic Precision, Automating the Mix, Mastering for Release

Advanced Production Skills Program – Tuition $795!

  • 30 Modules, 146 Videos!
  • 1 year access to ALL the content
  • 6 one-on-one mentorship hours with any mentor on our network!

Enroll in all 3 and save $200!

3 – Program Package – Tuition $1,985!

Now only $1,795!

  • All 9 Classes from all 3 programs
  • Unlimited access to ALL the content!
  • 14 one-on-one mentorship hours with any mentor on our network!

Things People Say About Us

“I’m 100% in support of having live 1-on-1 hours with the mentors. This is by far the best value for the money that I can think of. I could not even get that in college! I’m one of those who found “regular school” boring and I’m stoked to have found a school like Pyramind which teaches me what I actually want to learn!”

– Pierre-Luc Pepin // Aspiring Producer // Graphic Designer

“Because of the way that it was laid out, I truly feel like I know Ableton in and out now. Now when I have a sound in my head I want to lay down, I’m able to do it and get into creation immediately, not stop and dig through YouTube tutorials.”

– Jeffrey Brogger // aka BROGH // Producer and Touring Artist // Flux

“Overall, my experience has been great. The mentors were awesome! They were eager to answer any questions and give honest feedback. I have really enjoyed this program and feel well-equipped to dive into the depths of music creation!”

– Dari Shaffer // Aspiring Producer // EMP Online Student

“The process has been incredible. It finally feels like my production confidence is starting to flourish. Plus I am starting see money each month from all my music created since I joined the Pyramind program AND Spotify honored me with my own playlist!”

– Taz Rashid // Producing and Touring Artist // Spotify Spotlight Artist

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