Ni massive analog emulation music producer program.

NI Massive | Analog Emulation | Sound Design

In this sound design tutorial, Pyramind instructor Chris Gear shows us three ways we can emulate analog synthesizers in Native Instrument’s Massive.

First, Chris points out that Massive actually comes with two virtual analog oscillators: Pulse – Saw PWM and Pulse – Saw Sync. Simply selecting one of these wavetables and adjusting the pulse width and sync parameters already gives you an analog sounding synth patch.

Another great way to add analog character to a digital synth is to introduce random, subtle changes to a sound’s pitch or amplitude – every time the sound is triggered. This can be achieved using Massive’s Trigger Random modulator.

Last but not least, Chris shows us how to create custom, unpredictable randomization using multiple LFOs and creative modulation routing techniques.

Chris Gear is a musician, teacher, entrepreneur and technologist from Portland, OR. A life-long passion for emerging technologies, music and sound has been the driving force behind his many endeavors over the last 20+ years. Working to provide access to knowledge and resources artists need to learn, collaborate and grow, Chris has established himself as a catalyst for evolution in our industry. He brings a fresh and innovative approach to sound design education here at Pyramind, inspiring and empowering our students to engage with sound and music in powerful ways.

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