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Native Instruments Maschine: From the Idea to the Beat with Stoni

From the idea to the beat. In this workshop, Native Instruments’ product specialist and producer, Stoni, will take you through building a track with Maschine, using Komplete.

When you think of hard hitting hip-hop beats and with sophisticated melodies, there’s only one name that comes to mind. Stoni is a Brooklyn native who grew up listening to everything from Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, to Prince and The Rolling Stones. Stoni is a Native Instruments product specialist and musical hardware trainer for the industry’s A-list music makers, using Native Instruments Maschine drum machine as her weapon of choice and Traktor as her weapon on her Dj sets. Stoni is taking music making to a whole new level. Watch the 2+ hour presentation Stoni conducted at our ground campus in San Francisco.

Part One:

  • 1. Introduction to Maschine Studio
  • 2. Tour of the software / Groups and sample kits
  • 3. Explaining keyboard mode and transposing on hardware
  • 4. Editing effects with presets
  • 5. Loading up custom drum kits
  • 6. Importing drum kits into various DAW’s
  • 7. Importing outside samples into Maschine
  • 8. Creating beats with Patterns
  • 9. Fine-tuning samples, ADSR vs 1-shots
  • 10. Loading up plugins
  • 11. “Notes live in Patterns, Patterns live in Scenes.”
  • 12. 2.0 improvement with digital mixer
  • 13. Screens viewable on hardware

Part Two

  • 14. Synthesis through DRUMSYNTH
  • 15. Loading samples with the Instrument function
  • 16. Live sequence-creating demo
  • 17. How to quantize while recording
  • 18. Adding/manipulating vocal sample
  • 19. How to switch scenes during a live edit

Part Three

  • 20. How to switch scenes during a live edit pt 2
  • 21. Setting up sends & returns
  • 22. Using automation
  • 23. Sidechaining demo
  • 24. Streamlining your Maschine workflow within your DAW’s
  • 25. Editing Midi tips
  • 26. How to change tempo during live DJ sets
  • 27. Addresses specific workflow question from Ableton to Maschine
  • 28. Maschine’s versatility in working with many different DAW’s
  • 29. How to export stems & tracks

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