Music Production & DJ Program

The Music Production & DJ program is designed for those who are just starting their journey into sound. This three-month curriculum focuses on producing with either Ableton Live or Logic Pro, creative workflow, DJing, and more.

Throughout this part-time program, students will learn the fundamentals of music production and how to perform as a DJ under the guidance of our teaching staff of experienced professionals.

Collaborate with fellow students and staff in any of our killer studios during your included weekly studio hours. Refine your artist brand, network with the industry, and prepare yourself for success. 

music production

There’s a certain workflow and set of techniques you can follow to create consistent high-quality music. We get you producing at this level in order to have original material ready to perform that matches or exceeds everyone else’s tracks.


Learning to DJ is one of those skills that will help you in many different aspects, not just when you’re standing at the decks. We pair dj-ing and performance with learning music production in order for you to understand the many different aspects of music.

day or night class available

gig ready upon completion

finished tracks on completion

146 hours of class time


*Choose between Music Production with Ableton Live or Music Production with Logic Pro. Students are welcome to add either one for an additional cost

Pyramind’s Ableton Live Program provides the necessary background for students with little to no experience in computer-based production and recording to enter the later music production focused courses well prepared. In addition to gaining familiarity with Live’s primary applications, the lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow.  This course is designed for complete beginners all the way to intermediate users of the software.


During this three month program we also focus on the details of the devices contained within Ableton Live Suite. Students will receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as, how this can be used in conjunction with other professional audio applications and other third party tools.

This is Apple’s certified training course for Logic Studio: an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Students will be introduced to all of the primary windows and features in Logic, to the point where they can confidently manage and complete a song using Logic, from inspiration to a finished product ready to be mixed and mastered..


This Apple Logic class covers higher-end functions relating to composition, sound design, and post-production. All of the builtin synthesizers are explained and explored, cross-referencing the synthesis training happening in other courses.

The Pyramind DJ/Performance course begins with the basic fundamentals of DJing including beat matching, EQ’ing, gain matching, track selection, harmonic mixing, effects, set prep, and more. Students will learn how to DJ using the latest in Pioneer gear and industry standard equipment. 


Once students have a firm understanding of the using physical gear we switch gears and dive into the world of Digital Vinyl Systems.  This is a ground-up look at Native Instruments DJ software “Traktor.” Students will review the key fundamentals of beat matching, EQ’ing, gain matching, track selection, harmonic mixing, effects, set prep, and more. Using Traktor controllers and software, students will learn how to prepare and perform a DJ set from top to bottom and remix on the fly.

If you would like to customize your program by adding on other classes at a discounted rate, please contact our admissions staff HERE.


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grow your network

Success in the music industry is directly correlated to your personal network of friends, colleagues, and aquantinces which is why commiting to a program like this will have exponential effects on your future. 

At Pyramind we have a tight knit network of students, alumni, instructors, and industry professionals that have been helping each other evolve for over 20 years. 

be held

The problem with trying to teach yourself an in-depth skill like production is no-one is making sure you grow, achieve, and stay on track. We know how important this is so we keep it at the core of all our programs.

No more excuses or distractions, just hard work, growth, and achievement.

Can you see yourself on stage performing the music you produced? This program will take you there. Not only that but you’ll receive life long connections to help you get shows and grow your career.

Don’t wait any longer, buy the ticket and you’re going.

We can’t wait to hear what you create.

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Tuition: $3,495.00

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