The Music Producer Certificate program is specifically tailored to open the doors into the world of electronic music production. This six-month curriculum focuses on:

  • production skills
  • creative workflow
  • synthesis

Throughout this part-time program, students produce tracks that forge their sonic identity under the guidance of our teaching staff of experienced professionals. Collaborate with fellow students and staff in any of our killer studios during your included weekly studio hours.

Refine your artist brand, network with the industry and prepare yourself for success. 


The key to getting ahead is getting started. The key to success is seeing projects through to the finish line. This program gets you started on the right foot but more importantly, it gives you finished tracks that you will add to your music library.


When becoming a world class anything, you have to put in a lot of hard work. This is why we’ve designed this program to be taken during the day or at night. No matter your life situation, we can work with you to achieve your goals.

day or night class available

earn pyramind certificate

finished tracks on completion

hours of class time


*Choose between Music Production with Ableton Live or Music Production with Logic Pro. Students are welcome to add either one for an additional cost

Pyramind’s Ableton Live Program provides the necessary background for students with little to no experience in computer-based production and recording to enter the later music production focused courses well prepared. In addition to gaining familiarity with Live’s primary applications, the lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow.  This course is designed for complete beginners all the way to intermediate users of the software.


During this three month program we also focus on the details of the devices contained within Ableton Live Suite. Students will receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as, how this can be used in conjunction with other professional audio applications and other third party tools.

This is Apple’s certified training course for Logic Studio: an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Students will be introduced to all of the primary windows and features in Logic, to the point where they can confidently manage and complete a song using Logic, from inspiration to a finished product ready to be mixed and mastered..


This Apple Logic class covers higher-end functions relating to composition, sound design, and post-production. All of the builtin synthesizers are explained and explored, cross-referencing the synthesis training happening in other courses.

The Pyramind Music Theory course combines both a theoretical and practical introduction to the theory and application of music. Infused with both piano skills and ear training, this fundamental class sets the foundation for understanding all music and is a must for any serious producer.  


We start from the absolute beginning and provide a ground-up introduction to Piano and Keyboard performance and music theory. The keyboard has become the swiss army knife of instruments in our DAW. and Soft-Synth heavy production landscape, and facility on the instrument will dramatically improve the speed at which you can produce tracks. 

There are as many ways to produce music as there are people doing it, but some methods yield more consistently good results than others. This class will show you best practices in music production and will involve lots of in-class, hands-on activity. We’ll be integrating the concepts learned in the other classes into a cohesive workflow. Students will build ideas from day one towards a completed track in the style of their choosing.  


Throughout, students will learn more advanced concepts and techniques which can be applied to any DAW.  This course builds off of the lessons learned in our DAW courses as well as the Music Theory course as students learn various workflows, remixing techniques, and advanced concepts to take their music to the next level.

The new era of sound design is here and more accessible than ever. Synthesizers have changed the face of modern music and the quality of our films’ and games’ dramatically.  This course is designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of Sound design basics using Native Instruments Products, Serum, Ableton Live Suite tools and Logic Pro X tools.


Concepts are reinforced through in-class lab work, homework assignments and the final project in which students create a sample pack of patches from every instrument covered in class.

If you would like to customize your program by adding on other classes at a discounted rate, please contact our admissions staff HERE.


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grow your network

Success in the music industry is directly correlated to your personal network of friends, colleagues, and aquantinces which is why commiting to a program like this will have exponential effects on your future. 

At Pyramind we have a tight knit network of students, alumni, instructors, and industry professionals that have been helping each other evolve for over 20 years. 

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The problem with trying to teach yourself an in-depth skill like production is no-one is making sure you grow, achieve, and stay on track. We know how important this is so we keep it at the core of all our programs.

No more excuses or distractions, just hard work, growth, and achievement.

If you’re looking to build a foundation of knowledge as you determine your next steps on your career path, the Music Production Certificate Program will open your eyes to a whole new version of yourself. 

On graduation day you’ll have gone through an epic transformation and be filled with drive, determination, and a work ethic that will take you further, faster.

We can’t wait to hear what you create.

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Tuition: $6,995.00

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  • daytime or nighttime schedules available
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