Mr. Bill's Guide to Sound Design with Mud Pies

Mr. Bill’s Guide To Sound Design Mud Pies

This is Mr. Bill’s second Elite session with Pyramind and this time we had the good fortune of working with the team from SoundXperiments to do it live in the Club at The Midway SF. The line up included Ben Encanti of Zebbler Encanti Experience so we got two great presentations to share with you that we’ve broken up into two blog posts. This video post features Mr. Bill where you’ll learn all about the sound design technique he refers to as making mud pies!

Mr. Bill explains his overall production flow and technique when it comes to making glitchy, sound design craziness. He keeps everything else as simple as possible and to make the crazy glitchy sounds he creates a mud pie.


What is a mud pie in sound design?

A mudpie is where you take a bunch of audio samples and clips, warp, time stretch and process them with your favorite effects and then record your performance to a new track creating a new audio file that you can edit and draw from to create crazy glitchy edits with. “It’s a long file of sound design, just a bunch of noise basically.”

The mud pie is not meant to have much musical element to it, it’s just meant to crate random and chaotic sounds that you’ve never heard before. After you’ve got your mudpie, you go back and cut it up, pull out pieces you like, edit them further, layer, arrange, etc.

Using the mudpie source material also helps create one cohesive sound because you have a wild collection of sounds that all have the same overall tonal center. This video shows you how to create your own mud pies just like the ones he creates to produce his tracks and many of the downloads from from sound websites like Splice that are people’s own mud pies, cut up and sold to you!


How to edit and arrange a mud pie

After you create the mud pie you can then chop it all up and create a riff from the mudpie source material.

  • He starts by warping and time stretching it a lot
  • adjusting the pitch to match the song
  • playing with the warp mode to get different textures
  • adding various sound design plugins like OTT and Disperser
  • cutting all the lows to not interfere with the sub
  • he sometimes drops the mud pie into a sampler for more unique effects
  • he sometimes uses an all pass filter like the one from disperser that makes everything sound squishy. (you can also do it with 5, EQ 3s – see video)


Bonus production and workflow tips from Mr. Bill:

  • 24:26 How to make riddim yoinks
  • 22:49 Harmer Additive Synthesizer
  • Make decisions quickly efficiently and simply
  • How do you know when a song is finished? When he gets sick of working on a song he decides it’s done and then shifts his entire world view of the song to being finished.
    • Art is never finished, it’s abandoned.

This was an amazing session filled with tons of sound design and production workflow tips and tricks so watch the full video below to hear it straight from Mr. Bill.



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