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Welcome to Tool Tips with Kriss, our series where Pyramind mentor Kriss Walas dives into various mixing and mastering tools. If you’re interested in learning more from Kriss, you can buy tickets to his upcoming workshop on mixing EDM!

How to Make your Music Louder

Kriss answers the one question most music producers ask: How can I make my music louder? He talks about “RMS” and “perceived loudness,” then uses Sonnox’s Oxford Limiter to increase the perceived loudness of his track.

The Vitality of Transients

This tutorial focuses on shaping the transients of various tracks to create a contrast within your mix.

Using a Compressor as an EQ

Learn how to empart unique compressor tones onto tracks within your mix, making the compressor function as an EQ.

The Right Compressor for the Job

Kriss demonstrates a mixing technique he uses to pick the right compressor for the job.

Mix Bus Compression

Kriss explains mix bus compression and “dynamic range” for the bedroom producer.

Mid/Side Mix Bus Saturation

Learn the value of using a mid/side processor on your mix bus when adding saturation.

Mid/Side Reverb

Kriss talks about the advantage to using mid/side processing on a reverb.

Core Types of Reverb

Reverb is all about creating space. Learn about the five core types of reverb, and when to use each type in the context of your tracks.

Algorithmic vs. Convolution Reverb

Learn about the difference between algorithmic and convolution reverb, and when to use each type in your production workflow.

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