Mixing & Mastering Myths | Producing Out Loud Ep. 6

Welcome to Producing Out Loud, our new series where we discuss a wide range of topics related to music production, business, and technology.

In this episode, Pyramind’s Chris Gear discusses common mixing & mastering myths with members of our online mentorship network, Kriss Walas and Pete Woj. They talk about DAW preferences, choosing plugins, and “rules” to follow (or not to follow) when producing.

00:04:28 – Which plugins are best?
00:08:28 – Decision making with plugins
00:15:53 – Is louder always better?
00:23:00 – Dynamic range when it comes to sounds
00:24:11 – Human element in music
00:30:52 – Putting plugins on your mix bus
00:41:27 – Your #1 tip for producers

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