Jimmy Allison (Rentak)

Jimmy Allison (Rentak)

Ableton Certified Trainer, Jimmy Allison (aka Rentak) is a formidable live instrumentalist and passionate instructor. Learn how to make the most of your Ableton Live setup with private instruction from Jimmy today.

Specializing in:
– Ableton Certified Trainer
– Ableton Push
– Live Performance
– Producing & Arranging
– Recording
– Drum & Bass Production

– Mixing

Ableton Certified Trainer Jimmy Allison is as passionate about teaching as he is about music. Live electronic music, Live looping, studio production, stage productions, jimmy has experienced it all as a performer and as an instructor. He has been deep into the Austin, TX music scene since the late 1990’s playing in bands ranging from punk to jazzy trip hip, improvisational Hip Hop, Live Electronic bands, solo electronic and DJing.

Jimmy started playing guitar in the mid 1980’s and his passion for music has never been less than a blazing inferno. Armed with an open mind and no water in site, that fire spread across many genres. Flash to 2006 Jimmy started using Ableton Live and performing Live Electronic Music. With a strong desire to learn he formed the Austin Ableton User Group in 2007. Organizing and conducting workshops Jimmy found his calling to teach others. He quickly started presenting monthly workshops with the Ableton User Group, Workshops in music stores, and taking private students. Jimmy has helped 100’s of people from all parts of the world learn Ableton Live.

His style of teaching focusing 100% on the goals of the student. Jimmy’s experience with video, lighting, and live sound is of great value to those that want to create epic multimedia performances. His years in the studio working as engineer and producer, helps those that want to learn how to create music in a studio environment. One of Jimmy’s strong points is his ability to pick up on the style of his student and cater his instruction to best fit the student’s needs.

Jimmy has helped DJs and musicians get their software and hardware rig set up and working smoothly. He has helped producers learn the benefits of Ableton Live, allowing them to work in a more organic and out-of-the-box way. He has taken first-time users from making their first drum beats with Ableton Live all the way to a finished track. He has an extensive knowledge of what Live can do and how to make Ableton Live do whatever you want it to do. You choose your path and Jimmy will be your mentor.

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