Dustin Ragland

Dustin Ragland

Ableton Certified Trainer, Dustin Ragland has been a professional drummer for over 22 years and teaches at the Academy of Contemporary Music at UCO. Take the opportunity to learn one-on-one from this professor.

Specializing in:
– Max for Live: Custom Audio, MIDI, Instruments & Visuals
– Production with Ableton Live + Push
– Drums + Ableton Live
– Recording & Mixing with Logic Pro
– Sound Design & Production in Logic Pro

– Philosophy + Music
– Mixing with analog & digital Gear
– Studio Recording with Ableton Live
– Max for Live: Using Devices Creatively
– Live Performance with Push
– Recording + Mixing in Pro Tools 12


Growing up as a drummer in the punk/indie scene, I was unexpectedly struck by the vitality and creativity of electronic production, and seek to always bring the various worlds of music I have been a part of together in my musical explorations.  I have been a drummer for 22 years, touring for 11 years with songwriter Charlie Hall, and playing with numerous artists across a range of styles. I love creating music onstage and in studio, and have run my own space (Mir Studio) since 2005. I continue to perform as a session and live drummer, as a keyboardist with Beau Jennings + The Tigers, and keep a full studio schedule at Mir with songwriters, bands, and commission projects. 

I began electronic music production on an MPC2000XL, using it alongside Ableton Live since version 2, and alongside my drum kit. I love finding new ways to combine acoustic instruments and electronic instruments, especially in Max for Live. I write and perform music as Young Weather, which can range from indie rock club gigs to experimental binaural sound performances. 

I have been a professor of music production at ACM@UCO since 2010, teaching Live, Logic, Pro Tools, studio recording, physics of sound, and music + philosophy. I have been an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2014, and I am Avid 210M certified as well. 

I love to help other musicians get to the raw materials that form sounds and songs, and to reflect on why and how we use the tools we have at our hands – all so we can create with confidence and imagination.” – Dustin Ragland


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