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About Aaron Bethune:

Aaron brings a business approach to music and musical approach to business. He gets musicians thinking like music entrepreneurs and brands thinking like bands, expanding their fanbase and offering unforgettable experiences for all to enjoy.

Backed by data, driven by creativity and passion, Aaron has played a significant role in developing artist success stories, product launches, creative partnerships and the building of iconic brands.

Born in Montreal and raised up in England, then Spain. Aaron has played piano since the age of four and guitar since the age of seven. He studied Jazz Performance at university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. He has recorded a number of pop-rock albums and been a session player on numerous recordings. His involvement in the music business started with the world of touring and he has booked major label acts as well as independents from Spain to Japan. 

With his company PlayItLoudMusic he has licensed music into major TV shows, movies and commercials. He has developed, mentored and managed artists and is an in-demand music and creative consultant. His expertise in music, branding and marketing goes beyond the music industry and has allowed him the opportunity to work with many forward-thinking companies and individuals. 

Aaron has been a juror for the JUNO Awards and a juror for FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings). He is a speaker, a music educator and a musicpreneur who is constantly looking for ways to break patterns through creative collaborations. 

Aaron currently live in Victoria, BC, Canada with hisl wife, Laura, son, Oliver Winter, and daughter, Julie Rose Autumn.

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