Mentor My Mix with Johnny5

#39 From Hip Hop Roots to Bass Music Heights: The Sonic Odyssey of Johnny5

In this episode of the Mentor My Mix Podcast, we dive into the career of Johnny5, a DJ, Promoter, and producer who’s been shaking up San Francisco’s music scene. We talk about his transition from his Chicago-based Hip Hop routes to the Bay Area to pursue his passion and the influence his formal education had in propelling him to new heights. After moving to San Francisco in 2005, Johnny5’s sound quickly evolved, blending grimy bass and house elements, and he became a force in the city’s bass music scene, hosting a prominent bass music night at Temple SF and making his mark on the festival circuit. He also played a significant role in the dubstep scene, co-founding “Ritual Dubstep,” a weekly event that grew to be the largest on the West Coast. 

As a producer, Johnny5 founded Irie Cartel Recordings in 2011, achieving success with releases that climbed the Beatport charts. His productions, like the “Thuggin” EP, offer a diverse range of bass-heavy sounds, showcasing his versatility and impact in the industry. Join us as we listen to his hottest soon-to-be-released tracks and explore Johnny5’s remarkable journey in the electronic music world, from his early influences to his thriving career in San Francisco’s music scene.

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