Mentor My Mix Podcast #40: Exploring the Next Wave of AI Music Creation

#40 Yihao Chen, Founder & CEO of GenreX: Exploring the Next Wave of AI Music Creation

In this episode of the Mentor My Mix Podcast, we dive deep into the world of AI music creation with the founder and CEO of GenreX, Yihao Chen. 

Yihao is a Music AI researcher and the founder of of OctAI, now GenreX a Generative AI company building the Mid Journey of music. He is a classical flutist, a composer, and an AI music researcher. He was a music AI researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology and an undergraduate researcher at Cornell University where he worked on automatic harmonization using machine learning. 

His company, GenreX, has been funded by AI2 a research institute founded by Paul Allen and led by Ali Farhadi, conducting high-impact research and engineering to tackle key problems in artificial intelligence.

Join Greg Gordon as he journeys into what the future of generative AI for music looks like in a discussion that details its inner workings and the impact it will have on musicians and composers alike.

For better or worse the age of AI is upon us and like all new waves of technology that impact the music industry it is not one we can afford to turn our backs on.

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