Mentor My Mix Episode 001 Thumbnail with Jor van der Poel

Mentor My Mix EP. 001 with Jor van der Poel


Welcome to the first-ever episode of Mentor My Mix. Mentor My Mix goes behind the scenes to discuss the skills and talents needed to make a living as both a producer and educator in today’s music business. Drawing from Pyramind Music Production School’s extensive network of trainers and mentors, MMM delves deep into the life stories and core competencies that make each of these producers great at what they do. Join Greg Gordon as he explores what makes for a great mentor and the chance to get to know what makes them tick both as everyday people and their passion for making music their lives.

A few key points you’ll get from this episode:

  • His daily schedule including piano practice, composition, finishing his album etc
  • The importance of time management and using a pomodoro timer
  • Separating sound design, composition etc into different time blocks
  • Using do not disturb on mac and airplane mode to stay focused
  • Why enjoying yourself is the most important thing
  • Algorithmic composition – using code snippets to transform a musical idea
  • Parallels between Bethoven and modern dance music
  • Knowing multiple DAWS and why it benefits your career
  • Opusmodus
  • Working with a mentor
  • Responding to collab bro requests

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Ramon Wesselink

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Andrea Iacopini moved to San Francisco by way of Bologna, Italy. Like many Pyramind students, he began playing music at the age of 6, when his parents pushed him to play violin and study “Solfeggio” (or sight-singing). Years later, his uncle gave him an old, used electric guitar for his birthday, and everything changed. After playing in a number of bands in Italy, some of which even drew media and label attention, Andrea moved to San Francisco to attend Pyramind and advance his knowledge of audio recording.

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Connor Moore

From Connor Moore’s experience growing up immersed in an environment of jazz and world music, he developed a unique style of production combining ethereal melodic concepts with heavy breaks and syncopation. His sound has been compared to the likes of DJ Shadow, Four Tet, and Bonobo.

Throughout his youth, Connor played guitar, bass, piano and drums, which helped shape his organic sound. His blending of live instrumentation with electronic music through unique forms of production, is a distinguishing trait in his music. While in college, he began to embrace DJ culture and hosted various radio programs over a four year period which enabled him to discover many different styles and genres that made a profound impact on his song writing and production style.

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Alex Mikes

Alex Mikes is a great example of a student who has worked hard and dedicated himself to get where he is, having earned two gigs out of Pyramind – the Academy of Art’s Pro Tools lab and famed San Francisco studio Talking House where he gets to work with and learn from some of the top engineers and musicians in the industry.

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Michael Bricker

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“My experience at Pyramind was nothing short of amazing. It seemed like I would walk out of each class knowing twice as much as the day before. Completing everything in less than a year was sometimes difficult, but worth it. The instructors there were all very accessible if you needed any help.”

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