Mentor my mix by Joe Van Peel, a talented music producer specializing in beatmaking. Explore the world of music production online for free with expert guidance from Joe.

Mentor My Mix EP. 001 with Jor van der Poel


Welcome to the first-ever episode of Mentor My Mix. Mentor My Mix goes behind the scenes to discuss the skills and talents needed to make a living as both a producer and educator in today’s music business. Drawing from Pyramind Music Production School’s extensive network of trainers and mentors, MMM delves deep into the life stories and core competencies that make each of these producers great at what they do. Join Greg Gordon as he explores what makes for a great mentor and the chance to get to know what makes them tick both as everyday people and their passion for making music their lives.

A few key points you’ll get from this episode:

  • His daily schedule including piano practice, composition, finishing his album etc
  • The importance of time management and using a pomodoro timer
  • Separating sound design, composition etc into different time blocks
  • Using do not disturb on mac and airplane mode to stay focused
  • Why enjoying yourself is the most important thing
  • Algorithmic composition – using code snippets to transform a musical idea
  • Parallels between Bethoven and modern dance music
  • Knowing multiple DAWS and why it benefits your career
  • Opusmodus
  • Working with a mentor
  • Responding to collab bro requests

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