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Mentor My Mix Episode 002 – Niko Kotoulas

If you’re a YouTuber then you’ve likely seen his advertisements selling his world class MIDI pack with piano chords and melodies.

With a background on Wall Street and a pianist since age 3, Niko Kotoulas has forged a unique path to get noticed in today’s music industry.

In this episode of the Mentor My Mix podcast we’ll take a deep dive into his methodologies, mindset, and background.


Click the play button above to hear the following topics:

  • Starting at young age and sticking with it.
  • Influenced by the greats: The classics Beethoven, Mozart, Ludovici, to the contemporaries Yani, Avicii, Kygo, and Eminem and studying their music and productions.
  • Training your ear to develop the acquired skills needed to hear intervals, chord progressions, arrangement, arpeggiations, and in so doing playing over 5000 covers and releasing close to a thousand!
  • Leave his job in banking to invest in online learning to broaden his knowledge of music production.”
  • Formal education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.
  • Studying many different genres.
  • Basketball injury that helped focus his development in music.
  • Graduating college and going to work on Wall Street.
  • Misconceptions of Wall Street. Understanding investing and business operations and using that experience, money and knowledge to launch his own music business.
  • Generating over 50,000,000 streams online through releasing Piano covers of well known artists tracks and learning songwriting by deconstructing the arrangements, melodic and chord patterns.
  • Big break with covering The Weekend’s “Starboy” that was added to the official acoustic calm playlist on Spotify.
  • Tagging all the artists that were covered creating a wave of recommendations and placements in more and more playlists growing plays to over 200,000 and placements and close to 250,000 playlists!
  • Loving what you do and the unrelenting passion that drives success.
  • Making the switch from Wall Street to a full time music career.
  • How to create passive income streams.
  • Learning how to build online courses.

Opening music credit Jonn Connor AKA Seventh Sign

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