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Mentor My Mix Ep. 017 with Brian Schmidt – The G.A.N.G. & Pyramind Sound For Games Scholarship + 30 Years in Game Audio

In this episode of Mentor My Mix, Brian Schmidt & Gregory J. Gordon discuss Pyramind partnering with The Game Audio Network Guild for a full-ride scholarship for Pyramind’s Sound for Picture and Games program.

Brian also goes on to share his deep insight into working on more than 130 titles for most of the major game developers in the industry, being the program manager of the Xbox Audio and Voice Technologies division at Microsoft, patents he has helped develop, and strategies for immersive audio.

The conversation also covers the genesis of the annual GameSoundCon conference, game audio employment and freelancing, and Brian’s continued work as the acting President of GANG.

Opening and closing music featured by Brian Schmidt for Mutant Football League

To learn more about our game audio scholarship click the button below.


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