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Mentor My Mix Ep. 012 – MING: From HTML to OM records, multiple streams of revenue, and a Grammy Nomination

  • From New York bands to the University of Miami and back.
  • Working in web development and tech through the tech boom of the late nineties.
  • Trying to get signed to the German label Studio K7 producing Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, Jungle and experimental Hip Hop.
  • Getting referred to the sales division of OM records.
  • Building the relationship over a period of a year to getting signed as MING & FS.
  • Being a “student of the game” and going out on “The Deep Concentration” tour with OM.
  • Subsequently getting signed for a three-record deal with OM records.
  • While playing in a rock band also making electronic music under the name Beat Tree.
  • Working full time to fund the music career.
  • Going out every night to make connections and network.
  • Getting signed for the “weird” electronic music but not what MING & FS thought would be a major label deal with Beat Tree.
  • Rewiring & re-eq’ing sound systems to make them sound right when on tour.
  • Music business is 90% failure.
  • Understanding the concept of failing forward and never giving up.
  • Ten year run with Ming & FS, disbanding in 2006.
  • Being in a Nissan commercial creating the music from car sounds (link opens in new tab) to fund the tour.
  • Going on tour while filming the Nissan spot that ran through the Superbowl and joining the screen actors guild.
  • Creating Habitat music production company to create original scores for commercials until the bubble burst in music licensing.
  • Making money from multiple streams and shifting with the times.
  • Learning from the mistake of overselling.
  • The numbers of self pressing and why vinyl is never really coming back.
  • Using any merch that doesn’t sell for promo.
  • Throwing huge parties and promoting to the Mavens to create the right word of mouth buzz.
  • Making mix CD’s to give away at every show and getting them sponsored by clothing brands to building a significant production business for touring artists.
  • Struggling to get back on tour as a DJ post Ming & FS but building such a strong production business producing that when Covid hit it brought into focus that the work was coming in steadily.
  • Commercial work, scoring and producing keeping all the irons hot.
  • Getting nominated for a Grammy for a remix but not seeing any upside and crickets the next year.
  • The Grammy bump is for major label “1 percenter’s”.
  • Studio design and working with singers right in the room without headphones.
  • Preparing the room to work with different singers.
  • “I just vomit music at this Point!”

Want to watch MING produce? Check out this breakdown on his remake of White Horse!


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